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Shaped Architecture - Cube house sketch

About Shaped Architecture

Affordable architecture for everyone

Our goal at Shaped Architecture is to offer everyone the opportunity to live in a designer home. Too many people settle for what we believe is sub-standard design. By marrying design and functionality with efficient living and affordability, we would like to change that one home at time.

We have a passion for designing space efficient homes and the view that architecture shouldn’t be limited to commercial buildings, concert halls and stadiums. You spend more of your life in your home than anywhere else, so why not enjoy architecture and good design, while you enjoy your home.

Our business model has allowed us to bring together a number of architecturally designed affordable house plans: realising our dream for affordable architecture in New Zealand. By partnering with experienced architectural builders around the country we take the hassle out of building and help you get into your dream home quicker.

Areas we work

Wellington and Christchurch


Shaped Architecture - Christchurch and Wellington


Roger Walker


One of New Zealand’s most prominent architects, Roger Walker boasts a long and illustrious career. In 2016 he was the recipient of the New Zealand Institute of Architects Gold Medal, the highest individual honour an architect can achieve in New Zealand. An award that recognises his lifelong passion and dedication to high-quality design solutions.

Richard Humphries

Architectural Designer

Having worked for Walker Architecture & Design for a number of years, as well internationally, in the Solomon Islands and London, Richard Humphries offers a unique understanding of residential architecture. A firm believer that where we live affects how we live, Richard is constantly inspired to craft sustainable, affordable solutions for living.

Our architectural experience spans over 50 years

Our concepts have been developed over several decades and are constantly evolving to embrace new construction methods and technology. All while providing you with the best value for money.
Let us work with you to design and build your perfect end result