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Do you need help with choosing a site, or what design will work best on your site. Rather than committing to a large amount of cost, without assurance. Our site review or pre-design review services limit the cost and provide clarity in order to build your new home.

Site Review $575 inc GST 

Often sites seem cheap they are usually cheap for a reason. Whether it is access restraints, site orientation, recession planes, or easements making it hard to build. The site review allows us to check these requirements. Allowing you make an informed decision before purchasing, and spending your hard earned money. 

Pre-Design Review  $1,725 inc GST 

There are a lot of pit falls that can come up during building. In order to minimise these and reduce your construction costs. We undertake a pre-design review.  This check includes if any, resource consents are needed, Geo-tech requirements, Structural engineer requirements, Surveyors requirements, along with others. We provide you with a report and a recommendation. With no obligation to proceed to building your home. 


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Our architectural experience spans over 50 years

Our concepts have been developed over several decades and are constantly evolving to embrace new construction methods and technology. All while providing you with the best value for money.
Let us work with you to design and build your perfect end result