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Bit by bit, we’re dismantling the myth that architect-designed homes are the preserve of the well-heeled.

At the same time, with every home we design, we are further highlighting why building your own home has distinct advantages over buying an existing one. Obviously, it is in our professional interests for people to build new but take a look at these benefits and you’ll see that it is in your interests as well.

  • Your Home, Your Input: With an existing property you get what you’re given. Transforming it into the perfect home for you will be a timely and expensive exercise. In a new build, on the other hand, you can have input into creating a home that reflects your character and lifestyle.  While we offer the convenience of a home build package combined with the style of an architect-designed home, it is possible to customize the plan based on your desires so the notion that our homes are off-the-shelf can be dismissed as yet another myth.


  • Homes Designed With The Environment In Mind: By building your own home, you’re building with the environment in mind. For example, all of our homes are designed for optimal energy efficiency including solar panels and solar hot water and is sited to capture the light and heat of the sun. Plus, our smaller designs, while still spacious, require less raw material during their construction. As for existing houses, most older properties require a lot of energy for cooling and warmth, such is the appalling insulation in most of them. Making matters worse, they’re usually located on their site in such a way that they don’t capitalize on the free light and heating provided by the sun.


  • The Right Site: With a newly built home, you can build it on your preferred site in your most desirable location. Obviously, with an existing property, it’s a case of “as is, where is” so while you may like the home itself you may not be as delighted with where it is actually located.


  • More Affordable Than You Might Think: One final but hugely important advantage of building your own home is affordability. That’s certainly the case as far as our designs are concerned. Our common features and modular construction mean that architect-designed homes are viable for most budgets; compare that to the extra costs involved in improving an existing home, on top of the initial purchase price, and we believe that building new makes sound financial sense in most cases.


If you’re going to build something new, then do it properly.

Build a home, not a house.

Incorporate your ideas, and discard the notion that a new build home has to look the same as every other one. Granted, a lot of the new builds popping up around the country share soulless and charmless qualities that make them virtually identical to each other. On the other hand, we’re in the business of designing homes that combine beauty with space-efficiency and quality. As far as we’re concerned, that’s a winning formula.