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There is little that is equal in this world, and that includes street appeal.

Frankly, some homes have more of it than others.

We like to think our designs make a first impression that lasts.

We believe it is possible to have a home that’s well-designed, practical and beautiful, and one that fits your lifestyle and the lay of the land.

We must achieve all of those things, in keeping with the importance of street appeal as well as a home’s more functional components.

Much of the world sees street appeal as significant because it adds value to a property. It’s been widely quoted that most people take just eight seconds to form an opinion of a home. That eight seconds is basically an elongated first glance at a property, and according to the real estate industry, that is all it takes for someone to form a positive or negative impression of the place. A major study by American real estate giant Zillow showed that homeowners rated improved street appeal as the biggest thing they could do to increase the value of their home, with estimates that it adds up to 17% to the sale price.

But why should we perceive street appeal as just a value adder for home sellers and ravenous real estate agents? Surely it’s also important to people who have bought a home with the rather odd notion of actually living in it for a very long time? Of course, it is.

Environmental psychologist Susan Clayton of the College of Wooster in Ohio once said that a  person’s home is part of their self-definition; they display their homes as an extension of themselves. If this is true, then street appeal is the “face” we show off to the world. It’s a reflection of who we are, and a lot of pride and prestige is wrapped up in that.

This is why many of our clients come to us. They want a home to live in, not just an investment. While our designs are highly affordable and will be desirable properties once listed, the biggest priority for our clients is to live in an architect-designed home of enduring quality and design. One that shows off a striking face to the world. Instead of the generic mass-produced houses filling estates all around the country, our homes are an expression of individuality, and that’s what our clients want to show to the world.

So yes, street appeal is important to us. But not in the same way it is to others, and we’re talking about the people who wish to enhance it as they try and sell their home. As far as we’re concerned, street appeal is built into every one of our designs. It’s ready to pass the eight-second test from Day One.