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Lockdown was a series of timely reminders. A reminder to place a higher value on the simple things in life. To be thankful for good health. To treasure every second of the time we spend with family.

Lockdown also reminded us that we live in homes, not houses.

The places where we sought sanctuary during lockdown were no longer the houses, we used to leave every morning and come home to every night. Instead, these places became part of our daily lives.

They provided warmth, comfort, and security while we stayed in, and stayed safe. We got to know them anew. It was like being re-introduced and feeling like we did the first day we saw them – and fell in love with them. These places became our homes again.

From now on, we believe that this new appreciation of home will mean heightened expectations when choosing a new one in which to live. Form and functionality will need to exist alongside easy living and touches of personality. The lines and angles of a house must be formed into shapes to embrace those who want to feel comfortable in their own space.

Most modern houses are designed with purely function in mind. But where are the design touches that fit in with someone’s lifestyle and character? And where is the quality that makes someone proud to call their house, a home? Sadly, many house designs are sub-standard and impersonal. What is just as sad is the people who live in these inferior houses could do so much better; they could live in an architect-designed home, but they think they can’t afford one.

When we mention the term “architect-designed”, many people hear this instead: “expensive.” As architects, that frustrates us. We strive to capture a feeling of home in our designs, and we work just as hard to make those designs affordable for everyone.  With more people dreaming of a place they can call home in every sense of the word, there are people like us who can make that a reality. That home might be architect-designed, but it is not out of reach, and that’s an appealing prospect we can all live with.

So, don’t immediately think of the term “architect-designed” as a brick wall between you and a home you’ll love. Instead, see it as an opportunity to live in a place that incorporates beauty, quality, and lifestyle.

We’ve recently been reminded that we live in homes and not houses, so get in touch and let’s talk about how we can make that happen.